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Hello and welcome!

Here you can find my portfolio, some examples of my illustrations, artwork, graphics, cartoons and books. I also offer excursions and projects for environmental education.

If you are interested, please contact me: "I make you a good price" and I would be glad to draw for your project!

And visit me again, because I´ll actualize my homepage from time to time.I´m zoologist, a teacher of natural environment, an eco-activist and I live with my family and lots of lovely animals in Sachsen-Anhalt in a small village near the river Elbe.

Since some years I work as an illustrator and author. I also offer excursions with the themes amphibiens/reptilians, insects and wild herbs for eating and healing.

Here you see illustrations for the kid´s site of Terraria (NTV-Verlag), a children´s book "Abenteuer heimische Amphibien" (Kleintierverlag,2016), facebook, poster, Zoo Köthen, greeting-cards etc.


“Pelobates” was my first book, written and illustrated by Alexa Sabarth, published by EchinoMedia Verlag in 2015. It’s a kind of “enviromental – drama”, the story´s hero is a small toad (Pelobates fuscus). Here you can find some illustrations from “Pelobates”.


Abenteuer heimische Amphibien-ein Naturführer für die ganze Familie" published by the Kleintierverlag 2016. It is written by Alexa Sabarth and Benny Trapp. It is an interesting non-fiction book with funny illustrations and beautiful fotography, a useful present for children and adults.


Clay modelliering could also be a kind of illustration. In 2017, I made 30 golden animal figures to illustrate "biodiversity" for the botanical Garden in Marburg/Germany.


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